Yolie Entsch – Change Agent Catalyst

Yolie Entsch – Change Agent Catalyst

Younity Works was founded by Yolie Entsch who has been passionately initiating and engaging in innovative projects addressing social and environmental issues for over 25 years.

By working in unity and sharing the value of contribution, Yolie believes that we can all shape the future and create positive and lasting change that benefits our communities. She believes everyone can be a change agent.

She believes everyone has a role in creating social change, and people with lived experience are fantastically positioned to guide us all in tackling some difficult problems. She also recognises that some people need to experience a journey of personal success before they engage in social action.

To act on her beliefs, she has started-up groundbreaking Non-Government Organisations, Social Enterprises, guided forward-thinking Business owners in enhancing their social impact and designed nationally recognised programs for vulnerable people addressing poverty and social inequality.

As a qualified Trainer, Facilitator and Coach Yolie offers transforming pathways, interactive experiences, and practical tools for people to connect to who they truly are and to imagine a new world.

She has qualifications in Human Movement and Disability Studies, Outdoor Leadership, Action Learning and Business Administration.

With an 85% success rate in sourcing funding and negotiating resources, she has raised over $2.5 million in value for community services and projects. Walking her talk, Yolie has invested over $20,000 in other social enterprises as well as her own.

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