Yolie has been delivering light-hearted passionate and thought provoking interactive presentations for 30 years to local, state, national and international audiences and can tailor presentations to suit your next event. Examples of current topics include

Causeway: Bridging Cause to Purpose a step by step journey to making lasting positive change
Profit with Purpose businesses activating the powerful community impact formula
Finding your Purposefun the intersection of fun, gifts and passion creates your Purposefun
Sowing the SEED from idea to start-up, local people co-designing a successful social enterprise
The Art of Funcilitation how fun, strengths and creativity empowers staff, volunteers and your community

Yolie also offers Causeway Coaching a structured journey that guides people looking to clarify their social purpose based on preferred lifestyle, commitment, strengths and passion.

From smaller community activities and projects, working in partnership with a Not-for-Profit or starting a Not-for-Profit organisation or Social Enterprise – whatever small to large sized action you want to take, Yolie can guide you on your journey.

“Every living person has some gift or capacity of value to others.
A strong community is a place that recognises these gifts and ensures they are given.”

– John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann