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Fun and Interactive Learning

People working in community organisations have been designing and delivering fun and interactive learning for young people and adults for decades. Some of you may even remember Project Adventure in the 1980s and 1990s with Karl Rohnke and his bag of tricks!!

Fun and play are neither trivial nor frivolous; it is how we learn. Creating fun, safe, open learning environments encourage participation and build a sense of teamwork which is likely to sustain adults and young people’s motivation and engagement, including staff and volunteers.

The Art of Funcilitation© is a 3x½ day workshop introducing Funcilitation©, facilitating with fun and creativity, and how to apply Funcilitation© to your learning and program design.

Module 1: Creating a sense of adventure using Funcilitation©

A key foundation of Funcilitation©, the practice of facilitating with fun and creativity, is accelerated learning using multiple learning styles in designing your activities and programs. You will learn the 3×3 method of program design of Funcilitation© using a quest model consisting of three key steps, each with three elements. Woven through this design is how to build team development to produce results.

Module 2: Having fun with Funcilitation©

You will learn how to apply Funcilitation© to create rich varied activities and experience games to facilitate learning, problem solving and idea generating and team building. In this practical webinar you will experience at least 5 fun activities you can use to grow your bag of tricks and how at least 3 props can be used to deliver many different activities. Participants will also have an opportunity to share their favourite activities for a little fun and grow everyone’s bag of tricks.

Module 3: Innovation with Funcilitation©

You will learn how to apply Funcilitation© to designing programs with vulnerable young people and adults. Funcilitation© is a simple method designed to leverage fun activities and games to facilitate ideas, learning and team building with young people and adults, staff and volunteers.

Funcilitation© uses thoughtful structure as a foundation to immerse participants in a richly varied learning environment which engages their minds, hearts and bodies as much as possible as well as addressing a range of learning styles and intelligences.

Playful learning helps us to try out new versions of ourselves, bypassing some of the stories our minds invent about us.

It’s about asking yourself: How can I make the learning experience a little more playful, fun, goofy, quirky, light-hearted, humorous, adventurous or joyful? Click here to contact us