Younity Works

Together we can positively rebuild our world

We are on a mission to create a better world through grassroots community building.

We believe in local people acting together to solve local problems.


Our Vision

A world of enriched lives, united people and care for the planet

Our Purpose

At Younity Works we take individuals, families, organisations and businesses on transforming journeys with like-minded people. Our pathway, knowledge, mentoring, and tools assists you in making real effective long-lasting change instead of a small random difference.

When each person brings their own gifts, ideas and passion together, big shifts happen! This is the YOU in Younity. We create and promote opportunities to bring people and organisations together in UNITY to think, learn and act together as change agents for a better world. You + Unity Works!

Younity Works is a social enterprise governed by our inspiring vision and worldly impact – not by profit. 100% of our profit contributes to growing our vision. Our leaders have over 30 years experience, qualifications, and passion working across the community sector, SMEs and Government. We have been actively playing a part in the global social purpose movement by bringing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to life.

Younity Works aims to meet 7 United Nations Sustainable Development goals


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Individuals and families

Do you want to make a greater positive impact in the world but not sure where to start?

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Purpose leadership, new funding models and real life learning programs to grow your impact.

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How to create a focused strategy aligning your key business goals with UN Global Goals and increase community impact and staff skills.

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Change Agent Project

Supporting you in designing and activating community projects that tackle real world issues you’re passionate about.

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Stronger Boards

Powerful online course for budding and existing Board Directors to govern, lead and grow their organisation.

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Public Speaking

Transforming presentations to strengthen your ability to act on social, economic or environmental issues you’re passionate about

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Our Principles

✦ We facilitate with lightness, positivity and enthusiasm to enhance learning and make change more achievable and exciting.

✦ We guide real problem solving and innovation by taking thoughtful, heartfelt action, reflecting on the results and embedding the learning to initiate sustainable change.

✦ We instill the desire and capability for building engagement, relationships and collaboration that impact individuals, organisations and the community.

✦ We foster shared power and leadership in people, groups and communities to identify and act on issues that are important to them.

✦ We believe that every person, group and community has potential and by focusing on strengths and searching for the best, greater growth and sustainability happens.




If you want to join our Younies community by participating in our programs or join us in
partnership in catalysing changemakers everywhere, please contact us!